Green Energy

Our private equity professionals are organized into industry teams and are charged with being experts in their respective fields. Green renewable energy has been a fast growing industry with an innovative outlook that yields high capital growth.  We are increasingly investing in finding professionals in the field of  green and renewable energy.

Cyber Security & Communication

Beno Vision specializes in cyber security investment as we consider it to be one of the most important fields of protecting the internet and personal space. We manage a diversified portfolio, consisting of more than a ten different types of these companies. While still in a very early stages of development, we expect this investment to be adopted in a wide variety of industries, including commercial businesses and governmental projects.


We support enterprises that adopt, develop and market sustainable, cost-effective solutions for agricultural production, post-harvest and storage processing, including solar pumping, cooling, chilling and drying. These technologies result in saved costs, increased yields and local value capture for farmers or local enterprises. Our advice to businesses includes markets entry, product pricing, sales strategies, market assessments, payment solutions, route-to-market strategies and the agricultural value chain.