Job-Opening: #2201

Our own startup and investment deals needs a person to find new people to work with. A company is the sum of all individuals-working for the enterprise. We search you ! An experts Human Resources and recruiting. Help us to find you, to find the right people to work with us inside our own VC and in our portfolio of investment. At least 3 years of experience in HR and management in relevant enterprises.



Job-Opening: #2202

Analyzing the BIG-DATA is always an adventure and special expertise. Have you studied math ? Have you worked in a VC before ? do you have business knowledge ?- your place is with us. We search an experienced analyst to join our team and lead our first data knowledge team with-in our organization and helping our own sub-companies to establish understatement of their own data. At least 5 years of experience as an Analyst in similar companies.


Web Developer

Job-Opening: #2203

A successful Web Developer will have extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP, have experience working with WordPress and Node, and has a rough understanding of typical web-related concerns such as page load optimization, A/B split testing, SEO and SSL



Job-Opening: #2205

The Software QA Tester is responsible for working with the development team to thoroughly test all software products and releases to ensure quality work, drive revenue and company profitability by performing timely accurate deliverable.